President and founder of Polymer and Chemical Technologies, Russell Dunn, Ph.D., P.E., and associates specialize in full-site analysis of chemical and polymer plants using pinch technology to determine feasibility designs of grassroots and retrofit processes. PCT is unequivocally devoted toward identifying cost-effective energy conservation and waste reduction opportunities as well as developing business models to assist manufacturers in improving and increasing the efficiency of their operations. PCT has also been instrumental in improving a number of their client’s product quality as well as identifying a root cause of failure of numerous polymer products.


ABOUT-headshot Russell Dunn, Ph.D., P.E., founded Polymer and Chemical Technologies in 2004 based on his more than 30 years of diverse industrial, academic and consulting expertise. He has held several leadership positions since establishing PCT, including roles in Monsanto Chemical Company (Solutia), General Electric Plastics and Ampex Corporation.He is currently a professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at Vanderbilt University where he teaches product and process design and chemical engineering laboratory courses, and leads the departmental student design and laboratory programs which focus on students solving contemporary industrial problems. 

Dunn graduated from Auburn University in 1984 and received his doctorate in chemical engineering from Auburn in 1994.



Areas of expertise:

  • Chemical, environmental and polymer science and engineering
  • Polymeric forensic investigations and failure analysis
  • Chemical and polymer product liability and process safety issues
  • Environmental forensics investigations involving industrial chemical releases
  • Computer-aided chemical process and product design, simulation and economic assessment
  • Industrial environmental and energy systems process design, analysis and operation
  • Pilot Plant design, operation and scale-up to commercialization
  • Analytical chemistry and polymer analysis (Microscopy, FTIR, DSC, TGA, GC/MS, GPC)



Career highlights:

  • Registered Professional Engineer (FL)
  • Over a decade experience in corporate research and development and manufacturing positions with Monsanto Chemical Company (Solutia), General Electric Plastics, and Ampex Corporation
  • Five corporate awards for product development
  • Several polymer patent and trade secrets
  • Director, Environmental Division, American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • Corporate Fellow at Solutia Chemical Company
  • Author of over 100 publications and presentation in 11 journals and three books
  • Guest Professor, Technical University of Denmark
  • Chemical Engineering faculty member at Auburn University for five years
  • Outstanding Engineering Alumni Award from Auburn University
  • Outstanding Faculty Award from Auburn University
  • Member of Industrial Advisory Boards at Carnegie-Mellon University, Auburn University, and Texas A & M University




  • Ph.D., Masters, and B.S.
  • Major: Chemical Engineering
, Auburn University
  • A full CV is available upon request.